Our new bungalow the capacity of which is 4 / 6 people are equipped with 2 beds in 160, with a flat-screen television set with 100 digital channels, with an air conditioner in every room(chamber), of 2 shower-rooms with TOILETS, a lounge(show) with sofa reads convertible into 140, of a fully-equipped kitchen, opened on terrace with barbecue and chair hammock.

Our bungalow the accommodation facilities of which are 2 / 4 people has as for him a single room(chamber) with a shower-room separated with TOILETS as well as a privative terrace.

Every bungalow also has a parking space in front of the residence.

Les Cases Durivage provides you with gracefully a spa, a shower of outside, a washing machine and a telephone (unlimited calls(appeals) towards the basic salaries and the mobiles).

One of our bungalow

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La Désirade


La Désirade, island of Guadeloupe, was the first perceived earth(ground), 21 days having left the Canary Islands, by Christopher Columbus. The island owes its name to the relief of crew members perceiving the first dry land since their departure of the Canary Islands. They thus exclaimed: ” oh island so wished… ”

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Small Earth


The islands of Small Earth, islands of Guadeloupe, train(form) an uninhabited archipelago of France situated in the Atlantic Ocean in the bow(arc) of the Antilles. He(it) is trained(formed) by two islands, Earth of Top and Earth of Bottom(Stocking), surrounded by a coral reef. The islands of the girl-Earth are protected by a national nature reserve.

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Saint Barth

Saint Barthélemy, island of Guadeloupe, was discovered by Christopher Columbus, who so baptized her in honor of his brother Bartolomé, during his second journey in 1493. She is familiarly called Saint-Barth. Since July, 2007, the island of saint Barth became Overseas collectivity.

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The Saints


The Saints, the islands of Guadeloupe, are an archipelago of volcanic islands of French Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. These tropical islands, small archipelago, were discovered by Christopher Columbus on November 4th, 1493, which baptized him(it) ” los Santos “. The Saints inspire numerous artists due to their landscapes of exception, their heritages(holdings) and their scenes(stages) of life

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Marie Galante, island of Guadeloupe, also called ” the island in hundred mills “, is an island of the archipelago of the Antilles situated in 30 km in the southeast of the coast(ribs) of Guadeloupe. On November 3rd, 1493 the island was baptized “Maria Galanda”, during the second journey of Christopher Columbus, so taking the name of its caravel which would have approached her(it) in Handle Ballet.

Marie Galante is the only island of the Antilles must to be able to distil the rum in 59 ° in distillery of Father Labat and Bielle.